Strengthening Community Resilience Through Women-Led Networks – Kandy

CSR Lanka organized a workshop on “Strengthening Community Resilience Through Women-Led Networks” on 22nd February 2020 in Kandy. The workshop was mobilized by the Central Province Women Chamber of Small Industries and Commerce.

The workshop was conducted by widely known professional, Dishani Jayaweera the Co- founder /Directress of Centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation (CPBR) – Home for Diversity, Co-Founder of CPBR sister wing “WOMAN”, Initiator of CPBR youth wing “ Youth for Love and Life”, Facilitator and Mentor of CPBR and interfaith wing APINAM: Religions for humanity. Sinthuja Shanmuganathan, a Young Psychologist & Humanist who is playing the role of program team leader of the CPBR, was co-facilitated the workshop.

The objective of this workshop was to empower women and to provide understanding that women have great power and ability to keep the society together and that they are great change agents for many gender based issues women in Sri Lanka facing currently. Having that as a core objective CSR Lanka organized the workshop to improve & strengthen women, to create positive change and provide pathway to reintegration which would create better environment for everyone in surrounding. At the workshop, attendees received the opportunity to involve in many activities in finding their inner human person through art and crafts, participating in creating the center peace, finding solutions to sexual & gender-based discrimination and harassment. The facilitator let the attendees to build confidence within and between to accept their humanhood while embracing womanhood. She further cultivated the idea of being a light to see themselves and others as equal “Humans” not less or more. She facilitated the attendees to identify and accept that there are challenging /risky situations that exist, but she explained that there are things women can do to address these issues while behaving and thinking differently to face and handle risks and challenges in a more productive manner by taking responsibility to transform situations instead of complaining. Both facilitators introduced few set of tools, methodologies and actions which women can use in situations and made the participants realize that all these techniques, tools, knowledge and wisdom are within them.

At the end of the workshop attendees had the opportunity to register for a CSR Lanka training program in counseling which will train them to become change agents in peace and security, where they will be able to help another women who will be in psychological need. The attendees had the opportunity to become a member of “KAANTHA” women group which was formed by CSR Lanka, to continue activities which was commenced by the project towards the betterment of women in the country. The conducted workshop was one event out of other serious of programs in “Women Peace and Security” a project which is supported through N-Peace small grant scheme.