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29 July 2016 Daily News  |  Daily FT  |  Daily FT  |  Ada Derana  |  Lanka Business News |  The Island

Local companies have to make CSR count: Experts

27 May 2016 Read More

CSR Sri Lanka teams up with top UK forums to propel Transformative CSR

25 MAR 2016 Read More

CSR SL appoints three new directors to Board

18 Dec 2015 Daily FT

CSR Sri Lanka announces first Lankan CSR 2.0 license holders

14 Dec 2015 Daily FT

Banking sector consolidation essential for growth: Expert

28 Oct 2015 Daily FT

Microsoft partners Ministry of Child Affairs and SLANA

Daily News

CSR Lanka organises second major corporate advocation

5 June 2015 Daily FT

Real CSR vs Bogus CSR

Sunday Times

Please also refer the answer by the Chairman of CSR Sri Lanka for the above article on the link below

Sunday Times

Seven habits of effective sustainability leaders

Daily News

How transformative ties will shape future

The Island

Dr. Wayne Visser to talk on ‘Transformative CSR’

A new business paradigm that looks at creativity, scalability, responsiveness, “glocality” which means “global localization”, and “circularity” which is an alternative to the traditional linear economy, is the new way forward and will be expounded in greater detail by Dr. Visser.

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Is transformational CSR possible in Sri Lanka?

27 Feb, 2015 Daily FT

CSR Lanka ties up with CSR Netherlands to build capacity in private sector

CSR Lanka announced plans to partner with MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands) to bring a unique training opportunity to thirty of Sri Lanka’s leading CSR specialists later this month. MVO Nederland is the largest CSR business network in Europe, and renowned as a knowledge centre for CSR...

Daily FT

CSR Sri Lanka will launch to facilitate sustainable nationwide initiatives


Sri Lanka’s CSR to be directed towards national priority needs

Sunday Times

CSR Sri Lanka to hold conference

Daily News

Corporate White Paper on unified CSR model


Local firms spend Rs 4B for CSR annually

Ceylon Today

“We are sitting on a social time bomb”: CSR Lanka Chairman


Paradigm shift for CSR in Sri Lanka


CSR: Proper perspective and doing it right

14 Oct, 2014 Daily FT

International CSR Guru Dr. Wayne Visser in Sri Lanka for second time

20 April, 2014 Daily FT

I’ve got CSR on my mind!

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