CSR Lanka was formed in May 2013 with the encouragement from United States Agency for International Development (USAID).CSR Lanka is an initiative piloted and managed collectively by a group of private sector companies in Sri Lanka with the aim of providing strategic guidance and necessary resources to bridge this gap between ad hoc CSR projects and creating sustainable value.

Since then the Board of Directors has developed CSR Lanka to be an independent organization represented entirely by the private sector companies and SMEs. CSR Lanka is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka for private sector CSR activities. It seeks to engage the wider Corporate Community in addressing national priorities using the strengths of the member companies to work on specific initiatives.

The current Board of Directors represent crème of the corporate sector and the “Advisory Committee” is a collective reference made to a group of representatives from about 40 leading private sector companies in Sri Lanka whose effort, suggestions and feedback has shaped and continues to mold CSR Lanka (Guarantee) Ltd.


We believe that businesses, public and private can make people smile for a better future.


To improve the quality of life in Sri Lanka through the stakeholder transformational CSR as part of their business DNA

Definition of CSR

Responsible business approach focused on transforming society by adding value to people, planet and profit.

CSR in Sri Lanka - Key Findings

Role of CSR Lanka

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