How transformative ties will shape future

April 28, 2015

For the first time in Sri Lanka, the private sector and public sector will form collaborative partnerships that will spearhead economic, social and environmental prosperity. The brainchild of CSR Sri Lanka, this initiative is supported by the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. More from The Island

Transformative CSR Event Series with Dr. Wayne Visser

April 22, 2015

Breakfast Forum for CEOs and Chairmen of Private Sector Companies Making CSR part of your company’s DNA At this forum Dr. Visser outlined key trends in the adoption of CSR around the world. He discussed the principles and practices of stakeholder-oriented Transformative CSR, the business benefits of an Integrated Value approach and four types of sustainability strategies that leading companies are adopting. The session was completed with a successful discussion session moderated by Mr. ErandaGinige from British Council. 50 business leaders attended the program from well renowned companies of the island who could actually make a difference in their industries. They are the CEOs, Chairmen and Managing Directors of their respective companies and would be the pioneers of the journey CSR Sri Lanka is proposing in the country.

Incorporating the inspirational “German Dual Education System” into Sri Lankan Corporate’s CSR DNA

February 27, 2015

CSR Sri Lanka gathered 30 business leaders for a breakfast meeting to discuss the possibilities of incorporating the inspirational ‘German Dual Education System’ into Sri Lankan Corporate’s CSR DNA. Mr. Chandula Abeywickrema; Chairman of CSR Sri Lanka shared his experiences he obtained at Germany on the system as to, how a private sector driven apprenticeship culture could be formed within a country. Industry leaders shared their opinions from several views to bring out the practicalities of such implementations in the country whilst sharing their experiences in such cases from the past.

Program for Senior Public Sector Officials

February 26, 2015

The first forum organized by an apex body of the private business sector for senior government sector officials marked the successful completion on 23rd of April, 2015. It was our aim to bridge the gaps between the two sectors and at this forum Dr. Visser showed how CSR has evolved around the world through 5 stages of development and discussed the importance of public sector support for CSR – drawing lessons from good policy (e.g. European Union) and bad policy (e.g. India) – and identified critical success factors for public-private partnerships. Mr. Dadallage; Sectratary to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs was the Chief Guest of the event which marked the participation of 55 senior government sector officials. This group consisted of Secretaries to the Ministries, Additional Secretaries and Chairmen of Commissions. Program for CSR Practitioners Strategic Business Session for CSR/Sustainability The final program of the series targeted...

National CSR Conference 2014

October 3, 2014

The first ever National CSR Conference in Sri Lanka was held on 3rd of October 2014. More than 250 participants witnessed the latest updates of CSR,from the international arena been shared by the speakers and success stories and practical discussions took place with international and national business leaders. The theme of the event was ‘Responsible Corporate Growth’ in which, the agenda covered below areas; Strategic Focus: Aligning private sector CSR efforts to national priorities for development – Guest speech by Dr. SamanKalegama The Art and Practice of Sustainability Leadership – Key note speech delivered by Prof. Wayne Visser Collaboration: Increasing collaboration between likeminded organizations towards common objectives – Plenary Session Experience Sharing – Session by Mr. KushilGunasekra Resilience: Streamline the aspects of CSR efforts to increase the value proposition – Plenary Session Presentation by Mr. Sujeewa Sellahewa on the BEST CSR PROJECT selected by Netherlands Embassy Sharing the learnings after...

P4 Colombo Workshops

October 2, 2014

P4 Colombo Workshops series is CSR Lanka’s first major activity carried out with partnership of University of Sussex (UK) for the benefit of the Sri Lankan private sector who are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Researchers from the School of Global Studies, University of Sussex (UK), organized a series of 1-day workshops aimed at maximizing the impacts of philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, and social business programmes conducted in Sri Lanka. Drawing from the results of a 2-year research project in Sri Lanka plus more than 40 years’ experience operating at the forefront of international development, they designed an innovative and exciting 4-step programme sharing the best local and international practices that can help private companies to achieve strategic goals and social objectives through better planned, more efficient, and coordinated activities. A series of workshops were then carried out for 11 days with an immensely successful participation. Our aims...