New Sustainable & Inclusive Businesses Opportunities in Sri Lanka

CSR Netherlands and CSR Sri Lanka have tied up cooperation with each other to match Sri Lankan industries to Dutch counterparts to develop sustainable value chains. As the first step in this strategic initiative, experts from CSR Netherlands conducted a Sustainable and Inclusive Business (SIB) scan in Sri Lanka in the Agriculture, Tourism and Apparel sectors. The SIB Scan consisted of a series of sector roundtables with business leaders on sustainability challenges & solutions and co-creating an agenda for international collaboration. The roundtables were held from February 19th to 23rd at the Galle Face Hotel Colombo.

CSR Netherlands and CSR Sri Lanka shared with Sri Lankan business leaders and SMEs the international best practices and innovative solutions to various sectoral challenges in the field of sustainability and inclusiveness. Focus of the discussions was on soliciting inputs from the private sector and other experts on avoiding negative and creating positive impact on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The SIB scan will result in an analysis of sustainable and inclusive business opportunities for Dutch and Sri Lankan companies in Sri Lanka in the selected sectors. After the scan, CSR Netherlands and CSR Sri Lanka will facilitate matchmaking between the Dutch and Sri Lankan companies, to bring sustainability best practices into action, like:

  • Post Harvest Losses and prevention of food waste in Sri Lanka.
  • Safe, healthy & organic food without pesticides.
  • Turning cutting waste from the garment industry into new textiles.
  • Zero-waste hotels and zones in tourism.

CSR Netherlands and CSR Sri Lanka will play a key role in further developing programs and approaching potential investors for these sustainable business opportunities in Sri Lanka. A key focus in the collaboration between CSR Sri Lanka and CSR Netherlands is transforming Startup’s, Social Enterprises and SMEs into sustainable businesses that can tie-up with businesses in The Netherlands and Europe and compete in the international market place.

Gerard Teuling (Food & Agriculture) and Michiel van Yperen (Textiles & Garments) conducted the roundtables. Both have a proven track record in supporting sustainable businesses in Asia. April 10, a roundtable will be organized in The Netherlands with companies interested in matching with Sri Lankan counterparts, who are member of CSR Sri Lanka.