Private Sector Achieving Food Security and Nutrition in Sri Lanka

A discussion panel was held by CSR Lanka together with the World Food Programme and USAID on the 17th of July 2017 to discuss the importance of private sector partnership in achieving food security and nutrition in Sri Lanka. The discussion focused around a number of topics such as the importance of nutrition and the ways in the people of Sri Lanka could get the right types of nutrition for their lifestyles, as well as the role that the private sector may play in it.

The discussion was moderated by Mr Rizvi Zaheed, Managing Director of Hayleys Agriculture and tabled by Brenda Barton, Country Director of the WFP and Chandula Abeywickrama, Chairman of CSR Lanka, alongside several other representatives from the private and public sectors alike. Presentations were also prepared by Laksiri Nanayakkara of the WFP, Sashrika Jayasinghe of the WFP and Maree Bouterakos of the FAO, who brought to light the problems in nutrition that affect the Sri Lankan population.

The panel allowed a number of experts in their respective fields to open up about their concerns with nutrition and to learn more about how they can work to solve malnutrition in Sri Lanka.