19 to 23 February , 2018
New Sustainable & Inclusive Businesses Opportunities in Sri Lanka
27 October, 2017
CSR Sri Lanka's Topical Discussions Series with Corporate Leaders
17 July, 2017
Private Sector Achieving Food Security and Nutrition in Sri Lanka
28 March, 2017
CSR Sri Lanka 3rd Annual General Meeting
31 January, 2017
Stakeholder Collaboration for Sustainable Development (SCoSD)
at Ramada Project awarded by USAID
29 July, 2016
Mahoga Launch
at Parks Street Mews, Colombo in collaboration with MilleniumIT
26 May, 2016
Policy Dialogue on the National Priorities for Private Sector Responsibility and Sustainability
26 March, 2016
CSR Sri Lanka takes Sustainability to North
9 March, 2016
CSR Sri Lanka hold Deciders’ Forum on Sustainable Cities
23 September, 2015
CSR Knowledge Exchange Program by Vebego International BV
29 May, 2015
Knowledge Exchange Session for CSR Sri Lanka Members
22 – 24 April, 2015
Making CSR part of your Company’s DNA
27 February, 2015
Incorporating the inspirational “German Dual Education System” into Sri Lankan Corporate’s CSR DNA
3 October, 2014
CSR Conference 2014
2 October, 2014
Launch Ceremony

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