Collaborative Partners

LEADS is a faith based National NGO and has been responding to the needs of Sri Lankan communities for over 35 years- from the devastating cyclone on the east coast in 1978, through the despair of the 1983 ethnic riots, the destruction of the 2004 Tsunami and assisting with rehabilitation & resettlement at the end of the traumatic 30 year civil war.

LEADS’ area of work covers Community development, Crisis and Child Protection. With a staff of over 100 dedicated individuals, LEADS’ work covers 13 districts in Sri Lanka. This work of community development includes early learning, literacy, water and sanitation, livelihood development, relief and reconstruction, and rehabilitation and disaster response and mitigation.

In addition to community development activities, in 1995, LEADS took an important step in forming ESCAPE, its child protection division, to combat the increasing incidence of cases of child sexual abuse in the country. ESCAPE, together with other agencies working in this field, advocated for and facilitated the inauguration of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA). Today this work offers a range of services including therapy, family follow –up, legal aid, awareness and training.

LEADS auditors are PricewaterhouseCoopers, Colombo, Sri Lanka, while internal finance and systems auditors are KPMG. Further information of LEADS work is available on

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