Ideathon – Recovering from COVID-19 Pandemic and Future ahead

Current situation in the country due to COVID-19 Pandemic has created a humanitarian crisis. This is the moment for all of us to rise to the challenge of collaborative leadership and work together to find pathways to emerge from this emergency with a global economic reset.

As an apex body in the country, it is also our responsibility to look ahead and assess how the pandemic and the global recovery from it will impact the future of sustainable development. Therefore, CSR Lanka Board of Directors, provided the thought leadership for Sustainability and Transformative Processes and discussed to come up with Short term, Medium and Long term plans to implement. CSR Lanka also focusing the present and post COVID-19 impact and the challenges faced by Children, Youth, Women, Senior Citizens, Entrepreneur, Employees and all sectors in Commercial businesses. As one of the Short term plans of CSR Lanka the “Ideathon” has been introduced.

This “Ideathon” is aimed to give hope and solutions to our members and all the other businesses particularly in the Covid-19 crisis period and what sort of innovations can be introduced to support sustainable business continuity. It is time to put on your “Thinking Cap” and share your greatest idea with us which will provide support to the community in this crisis.

In return, your ideas will be highly recognized by CSR Lanka Board of Directors, the best idea will be considered to be implemented and will be shared with the business world under your name. “Not all Heroes wear capes” So be a hero to our country today.

Please join the “Ideathon” by clicking the below link.

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